Thursday, 10 October 2013

My First Full Marathon || Run United Philippine Marathon 2013

Any idiot can run but it takes a special kind of idiot to run a marathon.

Now I'm proud to say I'm a special kind of idiot :)

The Run United Philippine Marathon 2013 was held at SM Mall of Asia last October 16 2013.

It was the 3rd installment of the series preparing the runners to exceed their limit and upgrade to much longer distance as everyone wants to achieved. 

Honestly, i'm not prepared to take the race. Having a little knowledge about do's and don'ts on the race. Also, my preparation for the race was quite not enough. The longest distance I trained was up to 22 Kilometers and did not under go proper tapering. 

Week before the run,I felt nervousness.  So to comfort myself,  I was still trying to increase my mileage which is a mortal sin for runners when tapering. I also attended 2nd bull sessions for my TBR-DREAM Marathon on  February 16. 

2 days before the run, I can't sleep well. I was stressed at work and too many noises coming from our neighborhood.

Atlas, the race day came, I brought a spray pain reliever as i have not resolved my issues with cramping and a petroleum jelly to avoid blisters.

I don't have a team nor friends at the starting line. Just me, my guts and passion to running made me pursue the race. 

The race starts and planned to run slowly at my first 10 kilometers. However, I was in the middle of average runners and became too excited. That time I knew i ruined my running plan.

Without any Garmin or GPS watch, I just assumed of the time i need to take walk breaks. Until i reached LRT Buendia. There were too many vehicles and smokes coming out from their mufflers. Also, a sudden road works caused the heavy traffic as well.

I saw bananas on that hydration stations and consumed it to prevent cramps. 

Passing the intersection of EDSA and Roxas BLVD. I started to feel my right leg for cramps. Before it get worse I spray a lot of pain reliever around my calves. (Perks of bringing your own). I also increased my consumption of Gatorade.

More than halfway mark the race, on almost the same spot when I ran my first 32K last Run United 2, I felt my cramps on right calf and it got worse. Soon the walk breaks becomes longer and longer as I go towards to Luneta. What's even worse was when my left calf started to get cramps too.. That time, i needed to do stretching, walk breaks and even sit on every corner. That was the first time i told to myself, What the hell i'm doing here?@?!! i just hit the wall!

The supposed to be run becomes walking. It was not just a physical challenge but a mental challenge as well.

I was also looking for my girlfriend who just run 21k. I got to see her when she was about to cross the finish line but me, i was still at 30K mark. 

I got a lot of  air in lungs but my calves and hamstrings are not working well for me. 

The last 10K was like a hell course for me yet i kept pushing myself to finish the race. 
The sun was almost at its peek of his power. I sat every 5 mins of running and walking. I felt the nerves behind my knee breaking into pieces. My skin burns by the ray of sunlight and realized i didn't even put a sun burn.

The race is almost ended as i saw some marshals brought down the markings and their's no enough ice not sponges. I also saw some runners who had the finisher kit and did not bother to join the party after the race.

Still kept pushing myself until I finally reached the 2 Kilometer mark. Most of my friends who ran 21K were worried where am I. 

With all the energy I had, I ran the last 500 meters. Then i saw most runners rushing to the finish line. Every one smiles as the photographers trying to catch every runners. I noticed some marshals giving away the Philippine Flag. That I know i am almost at the finish line!

Finally! I reached the goal! Kath and his brother was there to officially greet me as a new Marathoner!


Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Dream Marathon 2014

YES! it's going to be my 2nd Full Marathon! But this was not in my Radar of events in running.

Although I heard of it, it was initially planned by my girlfriend to do her Full Marathon debut in The Dream Marathon (TBR).  Jaymie Pizarro and Jim Lafferty are co-founder of this program with training coach Lit Onrubia and  Neville Manaois as race director

Quite idle on work, I got a text message from Kath requesting to register her for "The Dream Marathon". I had no idea that time how the process of registration but since I had 2 hours to research, I just maximized the time of checking the information.

Soon, I reached the site but registration is not yet activated though it has a countdown. I made sure that i'll be free from task when the time comes.

It was 11:59:30 AM when I noticed that the registration button was enabled. With no time to waste, I immediately clicked the button and fill in all the required information. It was the time my body became nervous just the same when booking a flight for piso fare for several people hoping to get in. 

Registration was quick and easy but a part of me saying that's it?!?

Really thought the registration was complex. So what i did was check the registration again and see if i missed some form/button.

Then i started to get worry about my girlfriend having no one to pace her up throughout the entire race. Not really sure if she needs assistance so i just registered myself but i'm not expecting to get a slot because it was almost 12:30 PM and not sure if the list will fill up that fast.
The list of official runners came out and I didn't bother to check it out. However, Kath was well informed because she follow Jaymie's social media account. She checked the site but she found my name first :) hahahaha.. She just found out I registered myself too. She just gave me a tiger look that time then luckily she also found her name too.

The Dream Marathon has 22-week training program with two weekday runs and one long run in the weekend.

Bull Sessions (run clinics) and Bull Circles (running talks) is part of the training.

I and Kath don't have a coach nor a team to guide us. We just run every time we have free days and rely what internet offers us. So we are really excited for the coming days for training days.

We missed the bull session 1 at BGC due to we were too exhausted to get up from work. But we managed run at the village and follow the training hours based on the program.


Bull Session 2, we were able to see all the dreamers for the first time in running attire. Well, we have seen them during Bull Circles but not ready for action in running.

The groups were divided based on the speed and endurance your body is capable of. They are incorporating RUN/WALK intervals until you reach the amount of time based on the training. The training is not about the distance but it's about the duration of your training. 

It was really quite new to us being a conservative type in training, we just chose the 3:1 group. 3 minutes running/jog and 1 minute walk for recovery.

Few kilometers we were able to catch up with out pacer. Then our bodies becomes weaker as we approach more than halfway of training hours. We were not able to catch up on the group and we were almost left behind.

We didn't finish the last loop and went straight to the 30th Track to get Gatorade and recover. As we are still thinking for tomorrows run for RUN UNITED PHILIPPINE MARATHON.

Little did we know, most of our batch mates will also be joining the series. I am sure, not everyone pushed their limit that day.

The Dream Marathon || Bull Runner

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Caramoan 2013 (CAMSUR)

We will be in Caramoan on Feb 24-26 2013.. Will post our reviews on their services.

To Contact them: