Thursday, 2 August 2012

First ever run for Milo Marathon

My girlfriend informed me that her co-workers will sign for Milo Marathon for 5 Kilometers and they are inviting us to join them. I immediately said "YES" who would not want to be part of the most prestigious running event in the country? Also, the registration was very affordable at 100 pesos you already have your bib number and singlet.

Before, I'm just hearing it from radio, TV and news ads but I didn't pay attention to it. Now, I'm curious on how to join the race. 

Upon registration, all we need to do was train for the race. However, due to conflict of schedules from work, it was really hard for us to run. What we did was we signed up at Gold's Gym and maximized our free time from work and other duties.

We don't have a coach or training plan to follow which is a WTH we were doing? But since we have limited resources on money for a coach. We just had to use the thread mill and octane machine to improve our endurance and legs. Shortly, we used Youtube as other resource.

It became my routine at the gym whenever I have free time. I even started to walk from MRT Ayala station to Robinsons Summit Center where I work and vice versa.

Most of my colleagues can't believe and imagine of what I was doing but it didn't stop me from my workouts and took it as a challenge to do even more.

It was a love - hate relationship on my scheduled that I almost gave up on my training.

Until to the race day. We woke up late and needed to rush to the race site. 

The weather was too gloomy and rain was about to fall. I was really ready to take challenge to go to starting line but my girlfriend hesitated to go further since the wave had started and the pathways were full of runners. Although I insisted to go at starting line, I never won on our argument and ended up to go with the flow up to the finish line. I really thought we started at 2 kilometer mark.

I was expecting Milo drinks along the route but all i can see were just Powerade and water. Oh what a newbie I was... 

The route was wide but it was not enough for the wave of runners trying enjoy the run. Well, we have observed that there were several people represented by their schools and most who joined the event were walking and blocking the way of some fast runners. We were just a newbie and slow runners too but most of them didn't take the race seriously and we had to do zigzag run just to go beyond them.

We were almost at the finish line when we felt some droplets and when we were about to cross the finish line, the rain starts to fall. We just get our certificates and moved inside Mall of Asia to cover us from the rain.

Since we didn't start the race from starting point, i didn't bother to check the results. Will make up on the upcoming races.

Lesson learned; loot bags are only for longer distance, prepare for the rain and wake up early.