Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Just brought my life back

Few years back, I was just a drunkard, no sports to move my rusty body, no goals in life and just a happy go lucky guy. Everything was just normal, maybe just for me. At least most of us gets excited when you're with your friends and celebrating on random things.

With an average of twice a week, I'm on a drinking session with my fellow co-workers, friends or cousins. It had to be my priority whenever someone induced me to drinking even though I have a shift the next morning or in the middle of shift (takas lang). Until some instances got in to worse and noticed my body started to deteriorates. 

I got several escalations at work, I went beyond my way home and woke up on the terminal of bus, vomit on random areas, peed unconsciously, mismanaged my finances, my beer belly gets bigger and bigger. After all, it was really not the ideal life for me.

April 29, 2012 when i realized I need to change my lifestyle. It was not an easy task but I need to change something if I want different results.

I must have admit that my first fun run, I was freaking traumatized. I was too cocky to run that 5 kilometer stretch in BGC without training or had an active lifestyle.

It took me more than an hour to finish it with several muscle cramps and joint pains. After all, it was fun with lots of foods in your loot bag. Back then, it was the 1st  Robinsons Fit n Buddy run with a very cheap price of 250 per person including its race kit.

That Sunday midnight April 29, 2012, I was still enjoying my ice cold beer at Tanza, Cavite while my girlfriend was trying to catch up her energy for fun run organized by Hyundai. I really thought she would pass the event since we are in family gathering but I was wrong. Crazy it was but we still pushed through at the event even though i didn't sign up for the race.

We only commute from Cavite to Quirino Grand Stand which I thought we wont be able to start the race. Good thing we took the cab and was able to catch the race. We were in the last wave of that event. I was really hesitant if i can finish race since my first fun run was hell experience and i can still feel the been on my nerves. 

First kilometer along Roxas Boulevard was good since I was just following my pace. It was her first 5K run without training but were able to support each other until the end of race. 

Cramps and side stitches were our hurdles in running fast pace. Several marshals were there to give bottled water and banana. A good relief for us but the water was not cold. 

The last kilometer was like both of us hitting our walls and we were sweating rapidly but it didn't stop us to finish the race.

Finally!!! We finished the race with too much sunlight on our skins. It took us 46 minutes to finished it. Not bad for a second time on the race. Well, not official race for me since i didn't sign up.

After the race, both of us felt great and really enjoyed the event :) The experience was reciprocal to my 1st ever race and felt like i can still run for few more kilometers.

However, the event is almost done when we finished the race so went to the nearest fast food and eat whatever we want to regain our lost energy.

I was too sleepy when we finished our breakfast but the experience we had would definitely start of something good for us.